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Jenk Oz

Actor, Dancer, Musician, Vlogger

United Kingdom

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Hi, my name is Jenk, and I started modelling when I was four years old. My mom thought it would make me less shy and help me become a little more confident and outgoing. One of the first modelling jobs I went on, was for a brand called Marie Chantal clothing from London. It was really fun until the Photographer asked me to hold hands with a girl I did not know and kept telling us to move closer together so we could both fit in the shot. Made me get over my shyness pretty quickly!

The oddest shoot was a commercial for American Express where they asked me to speak as many words in Italian as I could. I was quite limited to pizza, spaghetti and the entire Italian food group! My favourite shoot was for Persil laundry detergent, I was lucky enough to do five different ads for them, and it was so fun cause we got to cook, build forts in the woods, plant tomatoes vines and even paint huge murals outside in the garden. For the hopscotch scene, they even put fake sweat under my arms so it would look like I had been playing all day in the hot sun even though it was freezing cold out!

In my spare time, I take a lot of acting, dancing, singing and music lessons. My favourites are Street and Tap dancing as well as playing the piano, guitar, drums and alto sax. It requires lots of practice, but it feels good when you can play a song that your friends can sing-a-long to. Makes for great socialising!...

Pearson Publishing Group, Maria Chantal Clothing Shop, American Express, Persil Laundry
Maris Chantal, Julien Macdonald
Daily Mail, Business Insider, The Sun, Evening Standard, Start-Ups Magazine

Sky Atlantic TV show ‘Fortitude’ and Chanel 4 ‘Tiny Tots Talent Agency / American Express, Persil Laundry Detergent

Acting, dancing, singing, music, playing the piano, guitar, drums and alto sax

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