Jayden Haueter

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Jayden Haueter

Blogger, Athlete

United States

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Jayden Haueter is a social media personality. Jayden Haueter is best known for posting lip-sync videos on TikTok where he has more than 2.5M of fans. Furthermore, Jayden is part of the prestigious sports school True Lacrosse Minnesota. As part of the school’s Lacrosse team, Haueter has won many games and competitions. Apart from being a Lacrosse player, Haueter is also a wrestler.

He was part of his school’s freshman team which won the district championship. Jayden has also won many other wrestling competitions and aspires to represent the national team in the future.

He is the son of star TikTok creator Kara Haueter, he followed in his mother’s footsteps and began making videos for his own TikTok account, jayden_haueter. Moreover, before gaining popularity on his own TikTok account, he first appeared in videos on his mother’s popular account.

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