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Jay-Donell Pothof

Model, Athlete


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A couple of years ago, I told my mom I wanted to do an audition, just one time. My mom was a bit surprised because she didn’t think this was something I would be interested in.

But, my mom said sure! Let’s do it! And she enlisted me with my first ever casting agency called “Jut & Jul Casting”.
After a month or two, we received an email asking if I would like to come for an audition. Wow, very exciting of course!
So, my mom and I went to Amsterdam, to audition for a part in a television series called “Eng” (which is Dutch for “Scary”).
Funny thing though (not so funny at that moment) is that I injured my knee three days before, playing soccer, so I did the audition on crutches.

With this being my first ever audition, I never expected to get the part, but my mom received a call about two days later, the lady told my mom I did really well, and I got the part! I was so happy! The series aired on Dutch television in October of 2015.
The modelling came later, I did a photoshoot for casting pictures, and I loved it!...

Blijwin Kids Entertainment
CoolCat Denim Kids Jeans Collection Brand Ambassador by ByMP Headwear RIV Casting CoolCat Denim Kids Summer Collection About Paris London Wehkamp / Petrol Industries Diversity Fashion Week

Garcia Jeans
Catwalk training: 2017 Garcia Jeans Catwalk training: Lyron Martina (beginner en gevorderd)
Catwalk training : Diversity Model Agency / Diversity Fashion Week (iedere 2 weken)
Catwalk Shows Africa Fashion Week Amsterdam (Designer Kevin's Brand) Africa Fashion Week Europe (Designer, House of Byfield) Garcia SS18 Super Rebel Kids Gear Tumble 'n Dry Sunday School

Hopscotch Magazine
Pearl Magazine US
Elite Teen Magazine US
HUF Magazine US

Dutch Television Series “Eng”, Fruitshoot the Dropping, Subway Commercial, Blue Trapezium, Dutch movie “Als”, International Soccer Promo for Chinese market, Domino

DSM – Durable Energy Smart Media – Wave Kitchen Products

Baseball and playing outside with his friends.

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Jr Model Magazine No.5
Jr Model Magazine TOP20 '17

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