Jaxson Cook

Actor, Dancer, Artist, Musician

New Zealand

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Jaxson Cook is a musician, artist, model, actor, stylist and makeup artist from New Zealand. Jaxson Cook was 12-years-old when he debuted as Billy in the Auckland Theatre production of Billy Elliot the Musical. Jaxson has also had experience in film and TV. He appeared as an extra in TV shows Emu (2009) and Paradise Café (2008), and as a featured extra in After Shock (2008). He was also a lead actor for the ACC Awareness live TV campaign (2010), and played Charlie’s younger self in Lumen (2015), a Steven Spielberg TV pilot. Jaxson appeared as a featured extra in the film What we do in the Shadows (2013).

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Teen Spirit Magazine No.1
Billy Elliot the Musical

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