Jasmine Hendriks

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Jasmine Hendriks

Model, Athlete


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My name is Jasmine Hendriks, and my dream is to become an international model!
I first become a model in 2013 for Crazy Skates Australia. Crazy Skates is a globally known company for roller skates and other skating equipment; and with my love for roller skating, being a Crazy Skates model for the past four years has been an amazing opportunity!

I’ve also been lucky enough to have a couple of acting roles in Australian television adverts and children’s entertainment shows. Yet, no matter if I’m modelling or acting, my favourite part of what I do is getting to be my true, wacky self on camera.

Growing up, I’ve always loved to roller skate. Even after I’d gotten home from a day at the roller rink, I would put my skates back on and do laps around my house. I even loved skating so much I managed to encourage my entire family to take up the sport as well! My brother and sister soon started to join me, and my mother even became part of a roller derby team. After watching derby games every weekend, I decided that I wanted to join in on the fun, so my mum and I started our very own junior roller derby team called ‘The Little Brisbane Roller Girls’. With my love for roller skating and my new position in a derby team, being able to model for the world’s leading roller skating company Crazy Skates has been amazing, as I get to do what I love with a camera watching on...

Crazy Skate Co., Stratco
Babiekins, Hooligans

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