Jasmin Petrugan

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Jasmin Petrugan

Model, Dancer, Musician


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Everything started coincidentally in May of 2012. The famous photographer Stefania Paparelli invited me for an experimental shooting in Milan. Since it was a weekend, I agreed. The result was incredible, and we used the photos for other castings submissions.

Soon I was called for a casting by Armani, and I won it and became Armani Junior model for their Mini-Me collection. Then it all went by inertia. I worked for FENDI, BMW catalogue, various adverts of children’s games, fashion shows and appearances on TV.

Most of all I like TV commercial shootings, in particular for the games! The sets are known for various opportunities to meet other kids and bind special friendship with them. For example at the De Agostini shooting I met Eva with whom we developed a special friendship later. We did the video shooting for Magiki Bunnies together and some other projects. And I also have the best memories about PITTI in Florence photo-shoot.

Among my favourite photo-shoots is, of course, working with famous Armani photographer David McKnight. Also, various Vingino photo-sessions definitely have something special. A vast majority of my trips to photo-shoots are in spectacular places with many friends where we always have fun...

Mattel, De Agostini, Mediaset, Amplifon, Sammontana, Loacker, Meridiana, Asso Calzatur, Hasbro, Scholl, Vingino, Aia, Disney, Leolandia, Gizeta calze, Armani, BMW, Fendi, Geox, Sarah Borghi, Istituto Marangoni, Moncler, Rubacuori, Colmar, Diesel, Imperfect, Vingino, Brums Mek, Rubacuori, Gaudi, Fred Perry, Freddy, Peach & Penny, BNR AMRO

Liu Jo, Pitti Firenze

Gioia Bambini, Vogue Bambini

Drawing, swimming, music, dance

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