Ikkai Khalil Esam

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Ikkai Khalil Esam

Model, Actor, Dancer


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My first taste of modelling must've happened before I could even remember. I appeared in a magazine with my mum when I was just a baby. It was a beautiful black and white photograph of us cuddling. I was six months old when we moved to Melbourne from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where my parents were based in. My mum was a model while dad sang in an indie rock band. My first ever modelling job was for Hootkid when I was about 4. It wasn’t long after that I started working a lot with other brands like Target.
I must say one of my most favourite jobs was walking the runway for Kenzo and Disney at the recent RUN kids show for Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival. It was a massive show with tonnes of young models like myself as well as dancers, gymnasts and skateboarders. It was very professionally done and attracted a big sold-out crowd featuring countless local and international clothing brands. I made some cool new friends and hung out with my usual model bunch...

Myer, Kmart, Target, Crown Resorts, Hootkid, whitefilly, Minti, ChiKhi, Milk and Masuki, A little Pocket, Punk Angel Haircare, Frankie and Lola.

Huxbaby @ Melbourne Fashion Week, Kidsfest 2015, 2016, 2017, Kidz Fashion Week 2017,

Hooligans Magazine
Roadhouse Magazine

Mukava tables, Timezone Gaming, Mandek Penha music video, Myer Christmas Toys, Netball Australia, Ambulance Victoria

Breakdance and swimming

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