Iddrisu Alidu

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Iddrisu Alidu

Model, Athlete

United States

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When I was younger, I admired magazines. I would flip through the pages looking at the different faces and scenery. I wondered what it would be like to be a model. A couple of years later, when I was 10, people would often come up to my mom and ask, 'Is your son a model?'

One day, a lady at the library said to my mom, 'Here is a phone number to a modelling agency. You really should call!” My mom did call, and the agency responded back that they wanted to represent me. When I went to get my headshots taken, I tried to imagine what the models in the magazine would look like: calm, cool and collected. I went home that day feeling like a superstar because the shoot went really well. My first booking came shortly after - and it was with Vogue magazine...

Speedo, H&M, Bon Prix, Next, Very UK, Aldi

Nickelodean pilot show, Shy Carter music video

Surfing, skateboarding and soccer, football, travel and music- guitar, singing and percussion

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Jr Model Magazine No.5

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