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Harvey Petito

Model, Actor


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I first started modelling when I was about seven years old. My mum contacted a few agencies and sent our photos in to find out what she had to do to join. Then she decided that with all three of us kids, it would be too expensive; so she decided not to worry about it at the time. Then one of the agencies contacted her and told her I had been booked for a job! They had shown my photograph to one of their clients, and they wanted to book me. So we kind of just went from there and kept getting booked for different jobs.

My first job was for Reflex Paper, and I remember they pinned my hair back and I wasn’t happy because I thought I looked like a girl! But you couldn’t tell in the pictures, so I was happy again!

I liked being on set with everyone, and everyone was so nice to me that I was looking forward to the next shoot.

Since then I’ve shot for almost all of Australia’s top kids clothing labels like Witchery, Seed heritage, Peter Alexander, Cotton On, Myer, Target, K-mart, Pavement Brands, Just Jeans, Smiggle and Mooks and I’ve also done other jobs for property developers, shopping centres, banks and other companies. I’ve filmed a few TV commercials and short films, and I’ve had a few small parts in an Australian TV series called House Husbands and a feature film called Emo the Musical...

Reflex Paper, Dulux Paints, McCain, Target, Kmart, Myer, Peter Alexander, Pavement Brands, Witchery, Cotton On, Mathers Shoes, Williams Shoes, Seed Heritage, Anaconda, Searoad Ferries, Satterley Property Developers, Cayden Property Developers, Sportsco, ANZ Bank, Just jeans, Mooks

The Little Runway, Kidzfashionweek, Kidsfest, Kids Summerfest, Kids Winterfest, International Kids fashion Parade, LA Fashion Week

Young fashion Kids Issue, 5, 6 and 7, Young fashion Kids 100 Most beautiful Edition, Pure Petites Magazine 50 Most beautiful Edition, Big City Kids Fresh faces Edition

ANZ Bank TVC, Moose Toys TVC, Babybel TVC, Target TVC, House Husbands TV Series Extra, Emo the Musical feature Film Extra, Cherry Hill Orchards Promo Video, ANZ Bank Promo Video, Brimbank City Council Promo Video, Wake Short Film (lead), Reality Shock Short Film (Lead)

basketball, bodyboarding, skateboarding, saxaphone

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