Harry Sills

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Harry Sills

Dancer, Actor, Singer

New Zealand

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I've been dancing since I was 3 and it's my passion. I started ballet because my sister had started ballet classes which I would watch. She was lucky enough to get a marshmallow from the teacher at the end of class. I really wanted one too but Mum said I had to do the class to earn the marshmallow. That was all the incentive I needed. The funny bit is we don't get given marshmallows anymore!! I actually don't mind because I just dance now because I love it. (NOTE: I've just had braces put on my teeth but they should only be on for a few months).

Ballet, tap, hip-hop, jazz, contemporary

Played Billy Elliot in the New Zealand production of Billy Elliot, the Musical (2016). National Scholar with the New Zealand School of Dance (2016 and 2017). International Student at the Australian Ballet School (2018). Cast in the Royal New Zealand Ballet's productions of Coppelia and A Christmas Carol (2014) and The Nutcracker (2018). Nominated for Best Actor in a Short Film at the Young Artist Awards (US) (2018). The distinction earned in every ballet exam. Awarded Most Promising Male Dancer at Auckland Highland and National Dance Society competition (2018).

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BoyDance Magazine No.3
Billy Elliot the Musical

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