Hailey Smith

Athlete, Model

United States

Age: 9

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Hailey Jayne Smith is a 9 year old athlete, model and influencer. She has a devoted and loyal following with fashion forward tweens and teens as well as the cheer and dance communities.

Hailey is a talented cheerleader and currently working with numerous cheer brands like Rebel Athletic, Perfecta Flip and Stunt Stand promoting several different products.

Hailey is a talented model and has been modeling for 4 years. She has worked with brands such as Claire’s, Lip Smackers, Birkenstock, Petite-n-Pretty. Rock your hair, Joyfolie, Bebe, Limited Too, and Habitual Kids.

Hailey uses her social media platform to bring awareness to causes like childhood cancer, bullying and is a mentor to young girls thru the Courage Club for Give her courage.

Hailey writes a monthly fashion column for Katwalk Kids Fashion Magazine reviewing Fashion brands and trends. She has also appeared in several magazines and on countless social media platforms.

Tip: I believe you should always be yourself and have confidence in who you are! You got this far for a reason. If you don’t have confidence and believe in yourself it will show. Nobody is you and that is your power! Now go out there and shine bright!

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