Gleb Stepan Kallistov

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Gleb Stepan Kallistov

Actor, Model, Musician


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I've got in modelling by chance. One day, when I was 7, my mum saw some information on the Internet about the models for J.Crew - an American clothing brand shooting. They had come to Russia to make a catalogue and were searching for kids.

I was accepted though it was my first experience. It was very interesting: we spent several days in different areas of the city while taking photos. There were some more kids there. We got acquainted. I got my first money for this job.

My mum thought that I was doing well and she started filing applications to other castings – advertising shooting and fashion shows. At the same time, I acted in my first film.

As a model, I have worked for various clothing brands, kid stores and advertising of different goods.

Acoola Kids is my favourite clothing brand for which I have worked for more than three years. By the way, there had never been a kid that worked for them so long! When I first started working with them, the clothing was too big for me, and I had to pinch it on my back. And finally, I grew so tall that their samples became too small for me. I believe that if I hadn't grown up, I'd have been working with them up to this day...

Acoola kids
Itina design
Okey market
Kidburg (city of kids' professions)
SKA (Hockey Club)
Healthy baby (children stores)

Kids fashion week (several times)
Galeria fashion week
StPetersburg fashion week (several times)

Okey market magazine (1,5 years)
Jcrew Magazin
Acoolakids catalogues (during 3,5 years)
Faberlic catalogue
Viaggio clothes catalogues (2 years)

Grape's bunches
Black river
My happy tomorrow
The sky with diamonds
Defense avenue
Five minutes of silence
Unknown person
Dances with death
The letters on window
City of special purpose
Russian character
No accident meeting (non-random)
Inspector Cooper
Foreign district
Father in low
Sea devils
Liteiny avenue
Backward counting

Play button accordion
Reading books

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