Giorgia Freti

Actor, Model, Kung Fu


Age: 13

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I am a Swiss-Italian girl of Scottish descent hence my ginger hair everyone seems to love!I am bilingual Italian and English and study French at school.
When I was 7 years old my Mum sent a few photos to an agency and I was called almost immediately to a casting that started off my modeling activity. I have been having fun ever since both acting which is my real passion and modeling.
This activity has given me the opportunity to meat great professionals and people from all over , some of whom have become very special to me.

Nutella Ferrero, iDO, Leolandia, Illytrilly
Look Moda Bambini, Kikimoro, Junior Style Magazine, Youngstrs

Mediaset Premium for Christmas, Disney Junior, Peppa Pig. Leolandia, Conai

Kung Fu, Paraglyding, Mathematics

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Jr Model Magazine No.9

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Model, Actor

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