Gianna Magliano

Model, Dancer

United States

Age: 16. Login to see birthday

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Gianna is a teen fashion model based in Southwest Florida. She loves doing print and commercial modeling but runway is her absolute favorite. With a competitive dance background Gianna loves being on stage and thrives in front of the camera. She has walked for large productions including New York Fashion Week as well as Miami Swim Week and is booked for Paris in the Fall. Most recently Gianna was cast for Season 2 of the reality show Rising Fashion which airs on EzWay TV and Amazon Prime Video.
Gianna was born and raised in New Hampshire. In 2017 she and her family moved to Southwest Florida to escape the brutal New England winters. Gianna comes from a large family. She has two older brothers, two older sisters and a younger brother as well. Gianna is also an auntie to a nephew and niece.

60 since Feb 16, 2021

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