Gavin Thomas

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Gavin Thomas

Blogger, Model

United States

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Gavin Thomas is an American social media star. He is best known for his viral ‘fake smile’ expression. Thomas started hogging the limelight when he became an overnight internet sensation in China. His Weibo account, which is the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, amassed over 1.8 million followers within four months from the date of its creation. Gavin Thomas has since won millions of hearts in China and has even visited the country twice to acknowledge the admiration of his fans. Gavin’s popularity can be credited to the makers of his GIFs. As of now, the GIFs featuring Gavin Thomas have been used more than a billion times across various social media platforms in China. Riding on his popularity, Gavin has secured a contract with the Chinese multinational conglomerate company ‘Tencent.’ He is also popular back home in the US, as he has thousands of followers on platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

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