Gage Davis

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Gage Davis

Dancer, Model

United States

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Gage began dancing three years ago at the end of 2015 when he was six years old. He took one hip hop class, and only because his brother was dancing. The following year Gage and his brother, Gavin, joined the studio's competition company and began training in all styles. It was obvious that Gage was naturally talented and soared to the front of the class. He began competing a solo called "Genie" choreographed by Alexis Jennings. She saw something in Gage even during his once a week hip hop class and pushed him to join the company. At the end of his first season on the company, he was already competing at the advanced (intermediate level) for all of his team, duo, and solo dances. He scored in the top four highest scoring soloist of the studio that year, his first year with proper training and won 1st place overall at Show Stoppers Nationals in Anaheim.
He is finishing up his second year of dancing on the company and because of his successful first year in the company was pushed up to the competitive level, and has again earned a spot in the top four soloists of the studio. Recently, Gage competed for title soloist at StarSystems Nationals in Las Vegas where he was crowned 1st runner-up. Gage has found true passion in dancing and knows that this is really what he will be doing for the rest of his life.
He says that one day, he will dance in New York on Broadway.

"AJ Idol 2018 Winner (Local Talent Competition)
StarSystems Nationals- 1st runner up Title Soloist
Starbound 2018 Regional- 1st overall
Move 2018 Regional- 4th overall
Releve 2018 Regional- 1st overall
Rainbow 2018 Regional- 2nd overall
Showstoppers 2018 Regionals- 4th overall
KAR 2017 Regionals- 1st overall
Showbiz 2018 Regional- 2nd overall; Mr. Showbiz
Showstoppers Nationals 2017- 1st overall
Rainbow 2017 Regional- 2nd overall
Releve 2017 Regional- 1st overall
Talent on Parade 2017 Regional- 1st overall
Showstoppers 2017 Regional- 1st overall

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