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Hey guys, my name is Florian Elias, but my friends just call me Flo. I am 11 years old, and I live in Worms, which is meant to be the oldest town in Germany.

The "modelling" adventure began two years ago with a private photo-series shot by one of my favourite photographers Kati Nowicki, who is still supporting me. My mother took my little brother Silas and me there to create a gift for our father`s birthday. The pictures were so awesome that we decided to send them to Keolas Kids Model Management in Düsseldorf, Germany. We were really happy that our application was successful!

But it took a few months until I got my first job. This was an editorial shot by Daniel Ziegert. All the pictures were taken on a rainy day outside, in the forest in Düsseldorf and I had a lot of fun with everyone on set.
After that, in 2017, I had a very busy year starting with an advertising film for the company Aixigo, in which Amazon Alexa`s software is promoted. So this was my first experience in filming, which I loved very much...

Deichmann Schuhe
Aldi Süd

Hooligans Magazine, issue 15 part 2 („The field“ by Feli & Pepita)

Soccer, Taekwondo, Cars, Sneakers, Fashion

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Jr Model Magazine No.7

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Model, Actor

Model, Athlete, Actor

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Dancer, Athlete

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