Eyad Wagday Samrgandi

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Eyad Wagday Samrgandi

Model, Dancer

Saudi Arabia

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My name is Eyad Wagday Samrgandi, and I am a fashion model and actor from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. As a public social figure, I have forever been noted for my friendly character amongst my social circles. I was offered a photoshoot session at a local studio as a unique gift for my fourth birthday. Great admiration grew as complements kept thriving from close family and friends. I was being recognised for my cheeky personality and the way I captivated the cameras and viewers. Shortly after, my parents created an Instagram page for me, posting pictures from previous photo shoots and managing the account on my behalf. It was then that word of mouth grew, as my page received a significant number of tags, likes and positive remarks.
Within a matter of days, the restaurant Square Meter reached out to us requesting a photoshoot session of me promoting selections of their menu. This was my first job offer. By the time I turned five, my advertisements were taking over outdoor billboards, magazines, newspapers, and events. I also took part in Sindi’s fashion show for men’s attire/thobes, and thankfully managed to captivate ever-growing numbers of international fans...

Rubaiyat- Street Billboards and social media
Sindi - Street Billboards, magazine, newspaper
AlNahdi- Social Media Campaign
Mercedes - Social Media and Youtube Ad
Square Meter Restaurant- Social Media picture
Sindi- In-store branding
Sindi - Rubaiyat
Virgin Megastore- Jeddah Destination Magazine

Omo- Unilever
Video Clip of a famous singer Balqees


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Jr Model Magazine No.8

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