Evelina Chernakova

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Evelina Chernakova

Model, Dancer, Actress


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My name is Evelina Chernakova and I am a model. My modelling career started when I was seven years old. Before that, I graduated from modelling courses of my mother agency RosKids. Practically right away I got a job in an online clothing shop Wildberries. It was a crucial experience that taught me how I should work. And after that, there were photo shoots for such brands and shops as Kangaroo, Silver Spoon, Chobi, Ostin, De Salitto, Detskiy Mir and less important ones. Also time to time I'm being filmed for different commercials, and that means I have to go through crowded castings and then work really hard. But I like the process itself and a result as well.

And one more thing I'm extremely good at is walking on a catwalk. I absolutely love it! I work both in Russia and Europe for fashion shows like CPM, Pitti Bimbo, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and so on. I'm a ProKids Models model. And in Italy, I work with B-talent scout agency...

Kangaroo, Monnaliza, Fun&Fun, Silver Spoon, De Salitto, Mayoral, O’stin, Chobi
CPM Moscow, Pitti Bimbo, MBFW
Elle Kids, L’OFFICIEL Russia

Detskiy Mir, Azipol, Tires Cordiant

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Jr Model Magazine No.4

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