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Estella Nolan

Model, Dancer


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Hi, my name is Estella, and I live in Australia. I started modelling when I was seven years old after the success, believe it or not, of my younger sister Milla! I also have an older brother Oskar, who is a model too.

Initially, I got some jobs with local brands, which was good practice for me in front of the camera: Kmart and Target, etc...
Then I landed my first big brand Witchery for SS15 High Summer alongside my sister Milla and brother Oskar. It was an amazing opportunity to work for a big brand and also with my brother and sister!

Then I started to get regular work with the top kids brand Bardot Junior as one of their tween models.

My dream is to go all the way in modelling, and I have already had interest from major international agencies about my future.
I'm also really interested in acting and currently learning monologues to present to find an acting agent...

Kmart, Target, Witchery, Bardot Junior

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Jr Model Magazine No.2

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