Elle Gabriel

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Elle Gabriel

Actor, Singer, Artist

United States

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Elle is a typical teenager who inspires others as she's super creative and supportive. She attends a prep school where she maintains over a 90% gpa, is on the cheer and tennis teams, is on the counsels for french and art clubs and does the school musical and extra curricular community service.

In her spare time she does auditions, takes acting, voice and piano lessons and has started her own business on redbubble which has afforded her to buy her own electronics. She's really gotten into sketching, painting and now animation and wants to be a combination actor / creator for an animated world like Adventure Time.

Elle is always willing to help others and share any knowledge she may have on how to do things or even just having a friend to talk to. She's recently exploded on IG and has started representing brands and is now an affiliate for over 20 brands showing that she is just getting started and inspiring others on the way.

She's really a very well rounded teen who's inspiring others to be they're creative selves.

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