Ella-Blue Van Craeynest

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Ella-Blue Van Craeynest

Model, Dancer


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My name is Ella-Blue, a spontaneous 9-year-old Belgian girl. I live in Ostend, near the sea, together with my family; my mom and dad, my older brother Jamay, and my dog Bruno, which I consider to be my best friend.

When I was 3 and a half years old, I had my very first photo shoot, I can still remember it a little, as I was allowed to sit and play with a lot of dolls and stuffed animals and I just wanted to do more of that.

After this, more shoots followed; one for toys, another one for clothing, it was always different items for different brands and stores.

Once I had a shoot with Kim Clijsters, a well known Belgian tennis player, for JBC, a popular clothing brand in Belgium. Since I really enjoy tennis, I was a bit starstruck, anyway, we had to showcase sportswear and do the shoot on the beach.
Since it was winter at that time, I was shaking all over, and I could still feel the chill on my cheek, brr.

Last year was the busiest year for me because I had a shoot which I considered to be big since the pictures got used in a pop-up store in Los Angeles...

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