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Elina Lypova

Actor, Model, Singer


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Elina Lypova, Ukrainian photo and fashion model, winner of different contests. My modelling career began some years ago when my friends-designers of brand „Svitlo“ invited me as a model to their fashion show in Ukrainian fashion week. For six years I was an actress of musical theatre „Fantasia New“, studied in English in Acting Lab for teens. Now I am an actress of studio Act. As an actress I was invited to different commercials and played in supporting roles. For 5 years I training vocal in Gloria studio. For now, I have my author's song „Be happy“ and wins in some vocal contests. I graduated from the school for presenters „Show max“ and from time to time I am invited to different parties as a presenter. I want to prolong the day to have more time for my activities, because I have a lack of time for my favorite tennis and of course my charity work. It was started several years ago when in one hospital I meet one girl from orphanage. I am a happy girl, because most of my dreams come true. Wish you peace!!!

Little Miss Eurasia 2018, Fashion Model Eurasia 2018, Mini muss Lemberg Grand Prix 2018, National Queen of Ukraine 2018
Academic vocal, host of contests and event presenter.
Cover model of Apriory magazine (Ukraine), Cover model of Epic Style Magazine (USA), MMM Magazine Juniors ( USA), Model of Brand Model Magazine, Rising Model Magazine and other

-supporting roles

Ballet, swimming, tennis
Charity work

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