Easton Magliarditi

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Easton Magliarditi

Dancer, Model, Actor

United States

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Easton started dancing at 9 years old, he was a gymnast before that for 3-4 years. He wants to be a professional dancer when he is older. He loves commercial dance, broadway and ballet.

Easton was just on NBC's World of Dance with his team, The Rock Company.

He will also be making a guest appearance on NBC's new show, I Feel Bad.

He was in Blake McGrath's music video, Love Myself playing a young Blake

Contemporary, Ballet, Jazz, Jazz Funk, Hip hop and Ballroom

Associated with:

America's Got Talent
World of Dance
RADIX Dance Convention
MSA Agency
THE INDUSTRY Dance Academy
BoyDance Magazine No.2
BoysDance Magazine Awards

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