Djay Van De Werken

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Djay Van De Werken

Model, Athlete


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Hello, my name is Djay and I live in The Netherlands. As long as I can remember, my parents and other people always talked about my red curls.

When I was little, I did not always like that attention from other people. When a photographer asked my mum if she could take pictures of me, she did not expect me to say yes at all, but I did say yes because I wanted to give it a try. On the day of the photoshoot we went to the beach, I was playing with a football while the photographer was taking pictures of me. I liked it, and the photos were awesome but I was only five years old, and we did not do anything with it after that until my mum responded to a message on Facebook 6 months ago. They were looking for a model for underwear and sleepwear. I was selected because they liked my photos. Since then I have already received jobs through calls in the Facebook group “kunstkinderen” managed by Willy Gijsman.
I have already worked with many different portrait photographers. Clothing shoots are also fun to do; usually, there are many other kids. I have already worked for some brands. What I like so much about modelling is a variety of assignments.

Zoizo, Zee & Zo, Twinlife, Alpina

NPO eye commercial

Football, Kickboxing, Xbox

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Jr Model Magazine No.4

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