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Diana Holloway

Model, Actor


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Hello! My name is Diana Holloway. I am from Kazakhstan. I am half Kazakh, half English. I am a movie actress and a photo model. I became a model by accident, and I will never be thankful enough for that. While I was dreaming to become a doctor, a narrator, a police girl and Marilyn Monroe, my Mom's friend recommended her to consider modelling and acting career for me.

Since my Mom was very concerned about me getting stressed due to all the new activities, she decided I should take one step at a time and signed me up for Baby Star of Kazakhstan contest as a catwalk model. I suppose this has to do with the time I used to dress up (looked like a peacock most of the time) and pretend I am cat-walking on a very important fashion show. I was a little girl then.

After I was announced a first runner-up at Baby Star of Kazakhstan contest, my mom dedicated her time to start me off as a model and an actress. We have visited nearly every modelling, advertising and casting agency in Almaty. No weather could stop us from going to the casting calls. My Grandpa, Grandma and my sister Nurdana were helping me find verses that I'd recite at casting agencies for actor databases. Good verses open almost full spectrum of emotions and expose your acting talent...

Abdi Company, Yamaha musical instruments store, Kazakhtelecom
MB Fashion Week Almaty
Wedding day Magazine

Dreamer, Tokal, A trace on water, Kara Shanyrak, An Aga, Nyanya aga, Falling into sky, First aid, Wake me up tomorrow.

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Jr Model Magazine No.7

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