Darrius J Bracey

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Darrius J Bracey

Dancer, Athlete

United States

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Darrius's high energy and spirit certainly help him move a crowd. No matter where he goes or what he is doing he certainly knows how to make you smile. He is fun loving and charming. Not only has he danced early on at the age of 4, he is also actively involved in football making the best of family time as his dad coaches football and his mom teaches dance. His competitive nature and passion to please brings out his smooth and debonair style on stage.
In July of 2017 Darrius was crowned the Mini Male Dancer of the Year for Hollywood Vibe Dance Conventions, and in April of 2018, he joined the USPBL Dance Crew.

Hip Hop, Jazz, Tap, Ballet

2017 Hollywood Vibe Dancer of the Year, 2018 USPBL Dance Crew, 2017 & 2018 MVA scholarship Winner Velocity Dance Convention, 2018 Adrenaline Dance Crew Scholarship Winner

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BoyDance Magazine No.1

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