Daniil Vasilev

Model, Actor


Age: 13

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I study at grammar school. I am in second grade. I attend classes of art of declamation, vocals and sing in a choir. Also I learn English. On weekends I go to the swimming pool and attend modeling courses. Sometimes I am in the films. I also take part in the English club “Humpty-Dumpty”. There we not only study English, bit also put on shows in the English and Russian languages.
When I have free time, I like reading books, riding a bike in summer and snowboarding in winter. I like travelling a lot.

Reike, Briton, KidKnit, Acoola, Crockid,
DLT Fashion Show 2016
DLT Fashion Show Kids 2016
DLT Fashion Show 2017
Reike, KidKnit

Aurora Glove
Instruction (the role of Fedor)
Yushka (Kolya's role) is a festival
Where are you going? (Misha's role) is a festival
The river of time (the role of Denis)
Mentovskaya saga (episode, son of the Heroes)
Black-and-white dance (episode)

Snowboard, Bike

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