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Daniela Dorssers

Model, Athlete


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My name is Daniela Dorssers Gimenez. I was born in Spain, but I'm also half Dutch because my father is from the Netherlands.
My first experience in front of the camera was during one summer, two years ago in Barcelona together with my sister, Julia. It was for an editorial for El Dominical El País, a very famous Spanish newspaper. A couple of weeks before we did a photo shoot with Antonella Delussu, an Italian-French photographer who lives in Barcelona. We had so much fun, and the photos were very nice. Two weeks later she called my mum asking if we would like to participate in this editorial.

We enjoyed it a lot, so after we talked with my mum, she decided to sign up for an agency in Nashville, Tennessee, where we were living at that time. So, this is how my sister and I started.

My favourite job or the job where I have had more fun, was the TV commercial for Playster when I lived in the USA. I did it with two other girls of my age who were very nice!...

Editorial El Dominical El Pais ( Spain)
Editorial La Belle Kidz ( USA)
Commercial TV Playster Media (USA)
Runway Toronto Fashion Week ( Canada)
Editorial Milk Magazine
Catalog Tea Princess ( Paris)
Runway New York Fashion Week 2016
Fashion Show Beauty and Hair make up ( Tokyo)
Catalog Hobonichi ( Tokyo)

Toronto Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week 2016, Beauty and Hair make up (Tokyo)

El Dominical El Pais, La Belle Kidz, Milk Magazine

Horse Back Riding, Volleyball, Track, Ski, Biking , Languages ( Spanish, Dutch, English, Catalan, French)

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Jr Model Magazine No.3

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