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Daniel Kornilov

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My name is Daniel Kornilov. I was born in Moscow, Russia, and I lived there until the age of 8. Now I live in Alicante, Spain with my family. I like Spain very much.

My modelling career started at the age of 5. My mother took me to a modelling agency in Russia. I have participated in many fashion shows. I like parades! People look at you, and they applaud you. Photographers take many photos. In parades, I can meet new friends. And although you spend a lot of time rehearsing - you do not even notice. Time flies. I have a lot of fun doing fashion shows.

I also like doing photo shoots. The photographers tell you what you have to do and if you are very attentive - everything is perfect. All the photographers are excellent! I have participated in many photo sessions. Two years ago we went to Norway to do a photo session for a Spanish magazine. We had lots of fun there, and we spent time very well...

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