Damon Koles

Model, Actor, Musician


Age: 14

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Tiny Tribe, Merivale, Park Royal Darling Harbour
KFMM - Kids fashion meets music,
Kidz fashion week

Allen’s lollies, Camp Quality (ads)
Deadly Woman series 11 episode 7 (for the love of money) , Zombie bro -feature film , Nothing’s going to hold us back (music video DJ Jazzy), (many short films)

Drums, Karate (blue belt), Tennis, Represents the school at zone level in field events, Vlogger, adventure seeker, promoter of ‘Good vibes’, special needs sibling (brother has a rare genetic disorder- trisomy 3p- and moderate to severe additional needs, Damon is his biggest advocate!

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RPR Talent Management

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Model, Actor, Singer

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Model, Actor

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