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Cristina Dobrova

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My name is Cristina Dobrova; I study at the Spanish school named after Miguel Hernandez, in the 3rd grade. I study Spanish and English. Also, I'm engaged in synchronised swimming; I really like to swim. I started swimming at the age of 3.

My mother took me to the fashion model school when I was four years old, and I enjoyed studying there. I liked make-up and hair curling, I looked at myself and thought that it was very beautiful!

Then the first shootings began, and the first shows. I like to walk the runway because I'm wearing beautiful clothes, everyone looks at me and takes photos. I also like shows because I meet my friends with whom we went to the fashion model school together. We are very happy during our rehearsals: we play and talk, and then we work together, it's very interesting and fun. My favourite show was in Riga, at the Rundāle Palace. It was a real New Year's fairy tale, beautiful dresses, fantastic palace; we were like real Cinderellas.

My dream is to be chosen for the Pitti Bimbo show in Florence; I hope very much that I will pass the model casting this year! I have two friends who are also fashion models, Sasha and Natasha, we studied together, and now we often go to shows and shootings together...

Petite Bergamote (Paris), Danielle, Kenguru, Cocoobrand, Kids Love, Puccini Bellino
Moscow Fashion Week, Estate Fashion Week, Rundales (Riga) Fashion Week, Kids Fashion Awards Fashion Show
La Belle Kids, L’Oficiel Kids Latvia


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Jr Model Magazine No.6

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