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Colby Ebner

Model, Athlete

United States

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Modelling isn't something I always knew I would do, unlike some other child models. I knew that I liked to take pictures and that when my family took our holiday photos, I always joked around in front of the camera. It was fun for me to see what those pictures ended up looking like in real life when I was just being myself and having fun.

I was signed by an agent when I was nine years old. I didn't even really know what it meant to sign with an agent, but in order to do photo shoots, I needed to have one. I love my agents, and of all the people I talked to, they seemed to care about me the most. Working with people like that made sense to me and surrounding myself with that kind of people has paid off.

What I didn't know was that modelling would be such hard work. It's often times long rides in the car to strange places where I don't know anyone. That can be scary. I understand that it's my job to make the photographer happy, but it's also my job to meet people and talk to them, to learn their stories. Sometimes there is lots of waiting around, and then the photographer says, “go!” and I have to be on and enthusiastic and pay very close attention to what they are looking for so I can do my job...

Old Navy, Landway, L.L.Bean


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Jr Model Magazine No.6
Sugar Kids
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