Carolina Govers

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Carolina Govers

Model, Dancer


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She lives in Antwerpen and has double nationality (Brazilian/Belgium). She speaks fluently Dutch, English and Portuguese, and has basic French. She dances 5 times a week: classic, pointes, modern and jazz selection for competition. Recently, she has done the Nike Global “back to school 2017” project (5countries) and a TV commercial for Lotus Speculoos Bakeries (Oct/17 on TV). She also works in collaboration with the best Netherlanders and Belgians photographers building her portfolio (please review her Instagram account @carolina.govers).

Nike Global
Jules Model Magazine
LaBelle Kids

Lotus Speculoos
Decathlon Benelux
Phillips Hue Netherland
Orange Belgium

Ballet Classic, Pointes, Jazz and Modern
Tennis, snowboard, ski, longboard, hooverboard, surf , stand up pedal

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Dancer, Model

Model, Actor

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Dancer, Singer

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