Brendan Schroeder

Dancer, Athlete, Model

United States

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Brendan is a super fun, outgoing energetic little boy. He was diagnosed with autism at 13 months old but he has found a love for dancing and the spotlight. He also loves to play baseball, model and walk the catwalk at fashion shows.

Act 1 Phoenix Petite Overall Photogenic Award 2019, Hollywood Vibe Nationals Scholarship 2018, Velocity Mini Runner up MVA Phoenix 2019

Hip Hop, Jazz, Ballet, Lyrical, Tap, Gymnastics

Baseball, Modeling, Runway Fashion Shows, Riding Bikes

Associated with:

Adaptive Force
BoysDance Magazine No.4

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Actor, Singer, Chef

Actor, Model

Dancer, Athlete

Dancer, Athlete

3.0k since Mar 27, 2019

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