Braxton Alexander

Actor, Model

United States

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Braxton Alexander was first known for his role in David E Kelley's TV Series "Mr. Mercedes" as Young Brady Hartsfield. Braxton was then soon cast in Warner Bros Feature Film TAG Movie and from here, Braxton knew what he would do for his career from here on out. Other notable credits consist of: MacGyver (CBS), The Passage (FOX), Doom Patrol (HBO Max), I Want You Back (Amazon), The Black Phone (Blumhouse), Christmas on the Square (Netflix) and more..

Braxton has some of the best Agents & Manager in the business and is so excited for all that the future has in-store for him. Braxton is Homeschooled and enjoys playing Baseball, Football, Soccer and the Piano.

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Actor, Singer, Chef

Actor, Model

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Dancer, Athlete

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