Blake Hendricks

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Blake Hendricks

Dancer, Model, Singer

United States

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I had my first modelling job in July of 2014 for a dance catalogue called Stagewear Costumes. I made the back cover! The only reason I did it was because my 1 1/2 year older sister Bailey had modelled with them the year before. It seemed rather easy because I was already dancing and they wanted boy dance poses.

It was a long time after that that I got my next modelling job. Nearly two years later in July 2016, I did a shoot for Vlado Footwear. This was so much fun because a lot of my dance friends were in it too. It was probably my most favourite shoot. Plus, I got to keep the super dope metallic gold shoes! This shoot was important to my modelling career because this made me realise that I really really liked to model. This made me want to do more modelling.

I have been working very closely with Rebel Yell on the launch of their boy's line. I have been involved in every process since the thought of it. I have been helping Rebel Yell with design (lightning bolt down the leg), structure of how the pieces should fit, colours that worked for boys. I would like to have my own clothing line one day...

Stagewear Costumes, Vlado Footwear, Jagged Culture, Rebel Yell USA Boys
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