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Berhani Aster Knife

Model, Dancer, Athlete, Singer


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I asked my mum and dad for about 2 years to do modelling as it's something I have always been interested in. Finally, they said yes and mum took me to Reel Management with my twin brother last year. We enrolled in modelling and acting classes through our agency and loved everything about it. Our teachers were amazing and I made so many friends.

My first job was with my brother as a brand rep for Steam Punk Kids. It was really fun because we had to act all tough and serious. On that first photo shoot I learnt that a lot of modelling is also like acting because you sometimes have to play a character that is different to you.
There are so many things I am interested in but don't have time to do everything I'd like to do. Besides modelling, I love singing and believe life is a musical ready to be written! I am also a member of the Australian Girls Choir. I love to keep fit and short distance running is my favourite sport. I'd love to get back into dancing as I love hip-hop and also hope to start gymnastics soon...


BCK (Big City Kids)- features and front/back page, Madison Fashion Magazine- feature and back page, Mocha Magazine- editorial, Model Citizen Magazine- editorial feature, Epic Style Magazine.

Singing, dance, athletics, gymnastics

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Jr Model Magazine No.8

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