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Model, Dancer

United States

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I started off my modeling career by doing catalog and print job for 2 times with BabiesRus when I was 6 months old. Later, I started my professional sports career in rhythmic gymnastics and due to family circumstances I had to quit. Even as a professional athlete, I still loved being in front of the camera, so about a year ago I asked my mom if we can start modeling again. With a very tight schedule and being in a young elite squad of USA national rhythmic gymnastics team, it is not easy, but I still manage to go to castings. For the past year, I worked with wonderful photographers, walked for amazing designers at NYFW Shows, and was filmed in a short movie. I love modeling because it helps you to have high self-esteem, it brings your inner beauty out, and gives you opportunities to meet interesting people and make new friends. My gymnastic skills also help me in modeling. For example, some photographers that I worked with, where looking for a model with flexible body. Another fun editorial shoot that I booked with Ladida, needed a model that was able to perform cool jumps with relaxed face. I enjoy being creative in front of the camera and every photographer brings out something different in you. I keep up with school very well and earned a honor roll for all my grades and won the gold honor roll. I am currently in 6th grade. Sometimes, I fell very tiredly about having such a tight schedule, but at the same time, feel rewarded and grateful for all the opportunities I have in my life and I know there is more to come.

BabiesRus, ToysRus, Airfish, Ladida.com
NYFW - Pin2gether
WFS - YS Clothier,
Bailey Dai
Wild Child, Model Citizen, Big City Kids Magazine, La Bell

Short drama "Zoe"
MacMillan Education
Red Nova Learning

Rhythmic Gymnastics, dance, ballet, playing clarinet and recorder

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