Asha Foye

Model, Actor

United States

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Park Merced LLC., Angora Boutique, Hashtags Clothing Brand, The Enchanted Company,
Bella Fille, The Chatty Chick and the Bay Area Wedding Fairs (includes Joanna’s Bridals and Trudy’s Bridal)
Kids Fashion Magazine, Wild Child Magazine

Music videos for: Linkin Park, Thrice, Jordan Pope and The Carolyn Sills Combo. On the TV show Life in Pieces. Brita with Steph Curry commerical and Google Auto Android commerical

Softball, soccer, basketball, reading and baking

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Dancer, Athlete

Model, Actor

Model, Athlete, Actor

Actor, Model, Musician

Dancer, Athlete

2.4k since Feb 9, 2018

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