Anna Kathryn Straser

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Anna Kathryn Straser

Model, Singer

United States

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Hi, my name is Anna Kathryn Straser, and I’m living my dream life! Not many 11-year olds can say they are making their dreams a reality, but I am lucky to say that I am. I am a singer, model, and actress with Marla Dell Talent Agency in San Francisco, though I also work in Los Angeles. I have a busy life in film, print, and commercial, but I love what I do!

I got started in modelling because I was approached by a photographer at a fashion show at Bloomingdales when I was five years old. The photographer complimented my hair and eyes, took some photographs of me, and those photographs were eventually submitted to the agency that I am still with today. Once I got started, I was immediately busy, and here I am today!

My latest television appearance was on the Food Network Star show, which should be aired on the Food Network Channel in early summer 2017...

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