Angelica Smirnova

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Angelica Smirnova

Model, Athlete


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My name is Angelica Smirnova; I am a model from Russia.

I had my first photo shoot with a professional photographer when I was six. It was a family photo session with my mom for our personal archive, but after it, I understood very clearly that I want to become a photo model. So I decided to go to model school, and I am still studying there.

Since that time I had different photo shoots with real professionals and I am very grateful for the priceless experience I got from each of them.

I already had photo sessions for different Russian kid’s magazines such as OWL Deti, Big Baby Boom, Trendy Kids Magazines and some Russian fashion brands. I also participated in several creative projects.
One of my favourite photo shootings is the creative project Marie Antoinette (Ph. Ekaterina Ivanova, designer Anastasia Kurbatova, stylist Mikhail Metelkin)...

Sasha Kim, Little Big Girl
OWL Kids, Trendy Kids Magazine, Best Kids Model

skiing, fitness, drawing

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Jr Model Magazine No.7
PK Management

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