Alyona Hohryakova

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Alyona Hohryakova

Model, Musician


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My name is Alyona Hohryakova. I live in Saint Petersburg, Russia. There I started my modelling career when I was 5! When I just started, I didn’t know whether I would like modelling or not. Now I want to make it as my future job.

I remember my first shooting when I was seven years old. That was a great experience for me, I just did what I feel, and the result was fantastic. After that, I became the face of our regional brands such as Reike and took part in a runway show for Beba Kids, designer’s battle in Moscow and others. Last year I was invited to Italy for the shooting for Vogue, Diesel, Armani, Benetton, Ninsmoda in Spain. I like this shooting so much, when parents said that I would fly to Italy I didn’t believe, that is amazing and very sweet memories. So now I want to conquer the fashion world, and I want to collaborate with the best world’s agencies, fashion magazines, and photographers - that is my plan for the nearest future!..

Diesel, Reike, Beba Kids, Diesel, Armani, Benetton
Vogue Italy, Ninsmoda

Playing the piano, singing

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Jr Model Magazine No.2

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