Alisa Vertyachikh

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Alisa Vertyachikh

Model, Athlete


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My name is Alisa Vertyachikh. I was born in Moscow Russia, but I spent my childhood in Vietnam near the South China Sea.

I lived there for three years eating fruit, swimming in the sea and learning English.
I had no idea I was going to become a model. It all happened by chance.

There were a lot of photographers, fashion designers, etc. in the town of Mũi Né, which is popular with creative people. One photographer noticed me and told my mum that I have everything one needs to be a model. When we came back home to Moscow, mum sent some of the pictures we took in Mũi Né, to some model agencies. They liked the pictures. Eventually, I signed with President Kids Model Agency. I had my first photoshoot with them in the summer of 2013 for Elle Kids, and I didn`t have the faintest idea how important this magazine and the photo shoot was. I was just having fun and getting experience. I loved the photos, and to my surprise, I made it to the Elle Kids cover!...

Ostin, Incanto, Modis, Mischka Aoki, Keddo, Brums, Detskiy Mir, Faberlic, Smena Wear, Daniel, Noble People, English First, Mattel Barbie, Brums, Alessandro Borelli
Brums, Faberlic, Disney
Veter Magazine, Elle Kids 2013, Elle 2016, Vogue 2014, Vogue 2016, Hooligansmagazine 2016

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