Alexandra Denisova

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Alexandra Denisova

Model, Actor, Dancer


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I live in the city of Moscow, Russia. Even though I travel quite a lot, Moscow remains my favourite city. Until recently, neither my parents nor I planned for me to be a model. However, one casual encounter led me to a modelling agency, where I made it through casting and became a part of BAMBImanagement team.

My first serious task was shooting for an Italian clothing brand Gaialuna with famous Italian photographer Anthony Favazza. During the photoshoot, I had my time to understand that this is what I enjoy the most and that admittedly, I am eager to go on with. Taking part in various photo projects, fashion shows, competitions - is now a part of my life and I am pleased with what is happening to me. Since I’ve always had fun being indifferent, I can feel that this is my vocation...

Dessalito, Topkidsfaces, Chapeau, Moscow Piccolo Fashion week, MB Fashion week
Kids Russia Magazine, Kids Club Russia, Supermama, Moscow

Do theatre, ballet, piano. Love to sing and shooting cool video

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Jr Model Magazine No.5
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