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Alex Ruygrok

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Alex Ruygrok is a freelance teen model and a social media influencer, based in Sydney Australia. Alex was born on Valentines Day in 2005.

Alex took on modelling when he was 11 and ever since has built an astonishing success as a model and a social media influencer. In a short period of time, of just over one year, Alex has built a massive Instagram following of nearly 80K. Subsequently, he has conducted a number of social influencer promotions and collaborations with some of the major local and international brands.

Alex is a photogenic teen with a natural flair for camera and abundance of charisma. As such, he has modeled for a number of local teen brands, been featured in fashion catalogues, Disney TVC and a 60 Minutes documentary.

Besides his career as a model and an influencer, Alex has also developed a strong passion for swimming and surfing.

And last but not the least, Alex is an anti bullying activist with a strong stand against any type of bullying instigated at school or a social media level. He has designed his branded anti bullying T-shirt with a slogan “ You see it – You stop it!’, which is now being sold through his website, Profits of the sales of these shirts are donated to Alex’s local charity that he is working with. Besides spreading strong anti bullying message, Alex continues to raise substantial funds to support his chosen charity.

Academy Brand
Oz Swimwear
Best & Less
City Beach Australia

Kids Fashion Parade - Melbourne staged by Issa Battaglin

Madison Fashion Magazine
BCK Magazine
Rebel Teen Magazine
Photo Vogue

Star Wars - Disney Channels
60 Minutes - Channel 9

Anti bullying Campaigner

Associated with:

Jr Model Magazine No.9
Marilyn Agency NY

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