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Alessandro Minimo

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When I was eight years old mom responded to a casting ad for the movie "La French", and I was chosen to play a role in the film. I loved the experience and was able to find out how it was on a shoot.

I then made several appearances in T.V. series on which I had a lot of fun.

At nine years old, I was chosen to take part in the photo shoot for a poster of 20x5 meters on the theme of the circus, and it has been posted on the facade of the bus station of Vitrolles for three years, and I think it is still there. I had great moments on this shoot with friends and a team at the top.

I then chained with a video clip and a role throughout the song.

The following year in 2015 I was able to participate in a sound fiction and discover how we place a voice on a film without an image.
I also shot in other t.v series but the best moment of that year was filming in the movie "Planétarium" with Nathalie Portman and Lily-Rose Depp. I was playing the main character at 10 in a flashback. The shooting went well, and the whole team was super friendly to me especially the director. I met Nathalie Portman who is super pretty, and she even said hello and made a beautiful smile.

Then in 2016, I shot in 2 shorts movies that happen in 1888 with period costume. I love wearing those...

“American People” for the summer 2019 collection
Collaboration with Ripicts studio for pool theme on July 2018

BCKbigcitymagazine (USA) of July 2016
FashionKidsmagazine(USA) Top 50 most beautiful edition February 2018
Brain Drain magazine (France) March 2018
Madison Fashion magazine (Australia) issue #6 (April 2018)
OKAPI Junior Magazine issue #1083 (19/12/2018)
Commercial campaign for the soccer Team O.M. (06/03/2019)

Films : -La French (2013), "Planétarium" (2015)
T.V. series : Camping Paradis (6 episodes), "Jusqu'au dernier" (2014), "Spring Tide" (sweeden series 2017), "Joséphine ange gardien" (2017)
Short movies : "MD 1888 Miraculum digito " + "MD 1888 M Daemoniorum (2016).
Shooting photos : For a big poster (20x5 meters) on the bus station of the city (2014) The poster was there till now.
Shooting workshop with Ripicts studio with 2 russians photographers based in Paris (july 2017).
Video clip : Role of the little boy for the song "Tu n'es plus là" for Ludovic Soragna (2014)
Voice over : For an historical fiction (2015)
Stage : Went on stage with the Italian singer Gigi D'Alessio to sing in Italian "Tu vuo fa l'americano" (2015)
Commercials : Shooting video and photos for the Hotel /Spa 5 stars "La Coquillade" to Gargas (Fr) in august 2016. New commercials campaign for E. Leclerc "Les amis" , director Lars Blumers (march 2017). Pub Belvilla family JA/OUI Belvilla commercials (Holland and Belgium) with DPPLR.NL productions (october 2017)

I had for 6 years some modern jazz classes (from age 3 and a half to 9 and a half), i play guitar, tennis in club, loves to play basket, swim, rollers, bike, raquettes, read, write stories of my own, sing, draw and have fun with friends... I also take theater classes on vacations..And i love to travel. I already went in the USA, Italy (3 times), Spain (2 times)..

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