Aleksandra Czajkowska

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Aleksandra Czajkowska

Model, Actor


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My adventure with modelling started quite by chance as I was a little girl. My mother went with me to SMYK (the children's shop), where the casting for the photo session took place. I was ten months old, and I was lucky - I won my first photo session. The whole family was very happy because they could see me on billboards all over Poland.

Then, at the age of 4, my parents enrolled me in the Andy Max acting agency, and I started going to castings. In the beginning, I won photo shoots for Polish clothing brands, such as Reserved, 5.10.15, Wojcik Fashion, Smyk, and then started also playing in TV commercials and series. For eight years I have done about 100 advertising projects: Orange, Nurofen, Cartoon Network, Almette, HBO, Mercedes, KFC. I got roles in several Polish shows. I also managed to play in the movie Blindness - directed by Ryszard Bugajski. It was a great experience to see myself on the big screen among the excellent Polish actors...

SMYK, Reserved, 5.10.15, Biedronka, Wójcik, Chaussea, TINA, Avon, Tutu Princess, Pstryku-Smyku, Easy Peasy, Jello Shoes, Paprocki&Brzozowski for DKMS, Gino Rossi, Coccodrillo, Zywiec zdrój, Pepco
Warsaw Fashion Street 2013, La Mania, Cool Club
Świat Kobiety

KFC, “Pytanie na śniadanie”, Cyfra + “ fty- fty”, Łowicz, P&G, Masmix, Orange, CTIA Wireless, Fundacja Polsat, Vicks, Kolastyna, Kubuś, Tymbark, Winiary, Vibovit, Woda Nestle, Topex, Radio Złote Przeboje, OBI, Samsung Smart Print, Fundacji Itaka, HBO, Rubipect, Mercedes, Almette, Lody Manhattan, PKO, Uniqua, Bie- dronka, Liberty, Bank Millenium, Disney Channel

swimming, modelling, acting

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