Alec Golinger

Model, Actor, Singer


Age: 16

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I live in Melbourne. I have been in the modelling/acting Industry for just over a year. I modelling, singing, acting and sport at a competitive level. I have a friendly and gregarious personality and a big smile.

I honour and am enthusiastic about being in front of the camera and on set. I work well with both crew and talent, and take direction willingly and professionally. When I model I listen. I don't talk a lot. I listen to the photographer, or whoever is in charge and respond to the brief. If there are a lot of people on a shoot I work as a team and don’t try to stand out or get attention. I love working with people from all ages and helping with the younger kids on set...

Associated with:

Jr Model Magazine No.1
Chadwick Models
CESD Talent Agency
Jr Model Magazine TOP20 '17

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Actor, Singer, Model

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