Albina Tokareva

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Albina Tokareva

Model, Dancer


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Hi! My name is Albina; I was born in the capital of Belarus - Minsk, where I also live now. I have a lot of hobbies, but I’m really keen on fashion and everything connected with fashion industry: photo shootings, fashion shows and designers, fashion brands, stylists. That’s why I do modelling and I’m happy to be a part of the fashion world.

I got acquainted with the fashion industry thanks to my mum, who used to taking part in many photo shootings for different campaigns and brands and it’s still part of her life. I participated in my first commercial photo shooting for a company that produces baby food when I was a little girl, I mean a very very little girl, more precisely when I was just 11 months old. It was both a video and a photo commercial. We took part in this project together with my mother, and it was a very interesting experience and the very beginning of my modelling career. Of course, I don’t remember this shooting now, but they say that it was great and I did very well. So from then on modelling and shootings make up a significant part of my life.

If to talk about my favourite photos, it's not an easy task for me to choose the best one. It's incredibly difficult to choose the one that I can call my best job and that I love more...

Fun&Fun Italy
Pitti Bimbo 85 Firenze Italy
Cup.Mag (2017), FashionFocusMagazine (2017)

Dance, gymnastics

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Jr Model Magazine No.7
Jr Model Magazine No.9
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